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Reiki is a natural and gentle Japanese technique known for its powers of helping people experience deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

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What is Reiki?

We all have our own interpretations of what ‘faith’ or ‘religion’ is but as far as Reiki is concerned, Spirituality is about being in Oneness with ‘the Divine’ – again whatever your own interpretation of that is.

Level 1: Shoden

First Teachings – where the emphasis is on self-healing the Physical Body and the core components are the Gokai (Precepts), Hatsurei Hô (Energy and Breathing exercises), Chakras, Auras, The Usui Five hand positions, the Japanese Five Elements, the five elements of Reiki ...

Level 2: Okuden

Hidden Teachings – builds on the Shoden foundation and takes the student further into their personal practice and enables them to work as a professional Reiki Practitioner. The emphasis of Okuden is self-healing the Mental/Emotional Body and working with Shirushi (Symbols) ...


Level 3: Shinpiden and Shihan

The Mystery Teachings - this is where it gets really serious in terms of mastering and teaching oneself and finding that all that is needed comes from within. The practice of self-healing continues on a spiritual level and ...


Our Students Love Us

"The Reiki Share's are of real benefit to myself, they recharge my batteries' and I get to meet new and familiar like-minded people."

"Carole's teaching techniques enabled a greater understanding of the course content. Carole also allowed me to set my own pace and was available outwith class tuition for support and assistance. Very person centred."

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see - Alexandra K. Trenfor

"This is very much the way that Carole Haigh has taught Usui Reiki Ryoho to me, and my life has become easier and better as a result of it."

"My reiki mentorship with Carole continues to change my life in many positive ways."

Ready to Make a Change?

Ready to take on something new?  Or maybe you want to take what you know deeper? Whether you want a complete change or you want to up your self-confidence in what you already know about Reiki, then seize this moment and contact Carole – then begin to do what you dream you can do…

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