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2020/21 Course Schedule

Level 1: Shoden

This level is for beginners and also regarded as the ‘self-healing’ Degree.

This is a course usually includes Reiju empowerment, The five Reiki Principles, the history and background of Reiki.

The syllabus includes layers of the aura, plus sensing the aura with the hands and using dowsing rods to detect the aura; the Chakra system and demonstrations of the 5 Usui hand positions that can be used in the self-treatment, practice and asking questions and learning more about the creative ways in which Reiki can be used, including dealing with emergencies through Reiki First Aid.

From the beginning, the student is asked to practice self-healing treatments and to regard this as an ‘apprenticeship’ so they are learning more and more about Reiki each day as well as receiving the self-healing benefits.

Carole is now teaching all students on a one-to-one basis via Zoom because of the restrictions with Covid-19 so contact us for details

All courses are Certified by the Complementary Medical Association.

This course can be taught as:

A 2-day course 9.30 am – 4.30 pm with lunch break.

A week in between for practice of exercises and techniques


4 half-days 9.30 am – 12.30 pm or 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Over 4 weeks with the spaces in between for practice of exercises and techniques

With Carole


Level 2: Okuden

This is regarded as the Practitioner Level. As a result of taking this training the person is able to apply for insurance and be able to practice Reiki with others, for instance in their own clinic or salon or in a clinic/salon run by another person.

This course includes Reiju empowerment (sometimes called Initiation or Attunement), Three symbols for physical, mental/emotional harmony and distance healing, the art of meditation,byosen scanning and using the hand positions. 

Reiki students are encouraged to work with the apprenticeship method begun in Reiki Shoden and to complete a number of tasks over the period of training so as to become very familiar with the practice of Reiki and working with a variety of people and their reasons for seeking Reiki. 

Carole now teaches this course on a one-to-one basis all students on a one-to-one basis via Zoom because of the restrictions with Covid-19. Please contact us for more details.

This course is Certified by the Complementary Medical Association

This course can be taught as:

A 2-day course 9.30 am – 4.30 pm with lunch break.

A month in between for practice of exercises and techniques and completion of 3 case studies


4 half-days 9.30 am – 12.30 pm or 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Over 4 weeks with the spaces in between for practice of exercises and techniques and completion of 3 case studies

With Carole


Level 3: Shinpiden and Shihan

Shinpiden is about spiritual development and so the training contains a number of energy techniques and meditations for deepening spiritual awareness. Students will also learn to chant kotodama and receive Reiju. 

The student is encouraged to continue with the apprenticeship method started in Shoden and Okuden and to complete a number of projects one of which is to research mindfulness or a topic of their own choosing so as to be mindful of the commitment to Reiki and their choice to surrender to the energy called Reiki and the continuing learning process that the Reiki path brings. 

All of Carole’s students are now working with Shinpiden Training on a individual mentoring basis by Zoom, allowing them to work at their own pace and in smaller sessions. This is proving to be really effective in heightening awareness of Reiki Healing Energy, and to feel that as a student, you are accompanied on this journey by your Teacher. 

After an agreed period of time, the Reiki Shinpiden student returns and continues their spiritual development.

Students have time to practise working with Reiju – a daily practice commitment and to discuss their thoughts on whether or not they wish to pass on their skills to others. 

It is important for students to note that becoming a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher does not mean that you HAVE to teach. It is primarily a self-development programme in which you become Master and Teacher of yourself. It is only if you are drawn to teaching that you would pass on your skills to others.

Most students now like to complete this course on a mentoring basis, allowing them to pace themselves and their development and practice and to feel they are accompanied on their learning journey.

This course is Certified by the Complementary Medical Association

This course is taught in 2 modules – Shinpiden and Shihan

Usually taught in 2-hour blocks with practice in between.

Many students like to do this on a monthly basis to give them plenty of time for practice and meditation.

Working through a choice of 8 out of 12 projects.

The time allocation for this being at the student’s pace

With Carole



One Question Survey

This one question is to help Carole to plan a series of short workshops for autumn and winter that meet the needs of the Reiki Practitioners that she works with. 

The Question:
 What one thing would you like to understand better or be able to practice more diligently?

It can be something from your reading of the manual(s), your practice or your experience of working with others.

Please send your answer to

Thank you.



You can ‘tune in’ to Reiju anytime of the week as it is always ‘broadcast’ from Sunday to be available until the next Sunday.

Coaching and Mentoring

Many people want to use Reiki Healing Energy purely for themselves and their own health needs and not necessarily work towards certificates or qualifications. 1-hour or 2-hour Coaching and Mentoring sessions using Reiki meditations or self-healing methods to allow people to recover from illness or stressful times and then to build their immune system and their mental/emotional state so that they stay well.

Already qualified in Reiki but don’t yet feel confident in using your skills? Carole has mentored many people into feeling self-confident in their Reiki and also to take their Reiki to new levels.

Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CCPD)

Reiki is about bringing Compassion to the needs of ourselves and others and acceptance of “this is how it is” during which the Practitioner nurtures positive feelings about themselves and others.

Reiki CPPD is about being curious and flexible and in particular about the interconnectedness of Mind, Body and Spirit so that the Body can do what it is meant to do in terms of healing itself and creating mental harmony and balance, despite the disturbance in the Energy System that is created through modern-day living.

When designing courses for Reiki CPPD, Carole works with Reiki Principles around Right Effort and living in the present and uses theoretical approaches and exercises on the basis of the Reiki Gokai “Be True to yourself and your True Path”. This includes being ‘congruent’ so that you behave in ways that are natural and comfortable to your own way of Being.

 CPPD courses in 2021 will be run via Zoom in March and September 2021. The half-day topics and ways to book will be posted on the website in January and again in June 2021.

 Reiki Shares with CPPD elements valued at 2 pts will restart in February. Details of shares through to June will be posted on the website together with ways to book in January 2021.

Remote Healing Sessions

Carole offers healing sessions, and details of how this works can be sent out to anyone wishing to participate in a healing session.

During this period of Covid-19 restrictions all healing sessions are on a Pay From The Heart basis and you will receive details of how to pay via the website.


I thoroughly recommend Carole’s training sessions and reiki share. I received my first training with Carole over 10 years ago and have recently returned to refresh my skills. She backs up all her training with first class notes. I have always found Carole kind, thoughtful and patient and every time I meet her, I feel inspired to be a ‘better’ person.

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