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General Adaption Syndrome

How an individual reacts to stress

Reiki is renowned for relaxation and stress relief. Its gentle Healing Energy softens the anxiety of everyday life and enables the individual to relax and to find more harmony in their life.

It is helpful if there is an understanding of the effects of stress on Mind, Body and Spirit, so that the symptoms of stress can be better recognised. Stress is very subtle and it tends to creep up on people in the same way a child is constantly growing, which is unnoticed by their parents but instantly provokes the “my goodness, how you have grown” from people who only see them infrequently. Often stress has become very damaging before people recognise that this is what is distressing them.

“Looking through the GAS document was brilliant. I now understand how and why I was stressed and I am now able to manage this better.”

This e-book details how you can use Reiki and other techniques to deal with stress in your daily life.

Price : £5.00


Continuing personal/professional development

 Working With Your Great Bright Light | Part One – October 2021

If Light is in your Heart, you will find your way home – Rumi

This is the full Reiki (Parts 1 and 2) CPD from 2021 in a consolidated document.

Price: £1.00

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I thoroughly recommend Carole’s training sessions and reiki share. I received my first training with Carole over 10 years ago and have recently returned to refresh my skills. She backs up all her training with first class notes. I have always found Carole kind, thoughtful and patient and every time I meet her, I feel inspired to be a ‘better’ person.


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