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For those who wish to share Reiki with others, a Reiki Training for Teachers is available (5 days and a portfolio project).

What is Reiki?

Traditional Japanese Reiki

Reiki is a natural and gentle Japanese technique known for its powers of helping people experience deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

The system of Reiki that I teach was founded in Japan in the late 1800s/early 1900s, based on the style of Usui Reiki Ryohoas. This form of Reiki predates the Westernised version introduced in the late 1930s and its aim is to support a journey of self-discovery, particularly in terms of a spiritual journey.

Reiki means ‘universal vital life force’ and it allows energy to pass from the ‘sender’ – the Reiki practitioner – to the ‘receiver’ – the person who would like their body’s natural energy vibrations to be harmonised and balanced – so as to assist the body/mind/spirit of that person to heal itself, or for the mind and emotions to be calmed, or for negative thoughts or feelings to be released.

The purpose of Reiki energy is to increase the receiver’s own self-healing powers so ‘healing’ is not dependent on the Reiki sender but is in the control of the receiver.

It is a balancing, healing art practised by placing the hands on or over your body with the intent of channelling the Reiki healing energy. You will remain clothed at all times.

Reiki energy can be used with other healing methods including medication and can do no harm. Reiki energy always works in the best interest and for the positive benefit for the person receiving it.

All Reiki Training Courses and the Reiki CPD courses are now Certified by the Complementary Medical Association.

“Each student receives a comprehensive manual for each Level, a certificate on completion of each Level and a Spiritual Lineage.”

Carole Haigh

Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Reiki With Heart

Our Courses

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Level 1: Shoden

First Teachings – where the emphasis is on self-healing the Physical Body and the core components are the Gokai (Precepts), Hatsurei Hô (Energy and Breathing exercises), Chakras, Auras, The Usui Five hand positions, the Japanese Five Elements, the five elements of Reiki ...

Level 2: Okuden

Hidden Teachings – builds on the Shoden foundation and takes the student further into their personal practice and enables them to work as a professional Reiki Practitioner. The emphasis of Okuden is self-healing the Mental/Emotional Body and working with Shirushi (Symbols) ...


Level 3: Shinpiden and Shihan

The Mystery Teachings - this is where it gets really serious in terms of mastering and teaching oneself and finding that all that is needed comes from within. The practice of self-healing continues on a spiritual level and ...

Shibumi Registered Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

I work with three levels of Reiki and adapt the training to ensure that every experiences the thorough training they feel they need, and if they so wish, feel ready to move on to another level. I also offer opportunities to attend regular practice groups and continuing professional development and retreat days. Where people have previously studied Western Reiki before working with me, I offer to help them integrate their Western Reiki knowledge and practice into Traditional Japanese Reiki.


The Reiki Chakras

The Crown Chakra (Saharara)

The Crown chakra represents our highest thought, pure consciousness, universal identity, Divine self-knowledge, and our connection to the greater world beyond.

Brow Chakra (Anja)

This chakra is related to balancing the higher and lower self and learning to trust your inner guidance. This is the seat of our intuition.

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

A well-developed throat chakra would choose compassion over judgment of self or others. Connecting thoughts and emotions effortlessly is a sign of a healthy Throat chakra.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

A well-developed Heart chakra is able to follow the heart’s impulse, feel peaceful, nurturing strengths as well as weaknesses and be in harmony with self and others.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

A balanced Root chakra will give one a sense of being grounded to the Earth and is associated with the earth, the sense of smell and the musical note of C.

Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana)

This chakra connects people through their feelings. Providing the ability to give and receive on all levels of creativity, sensuality and intimacy with others.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

A highly functioning Solar Plexus chakra would allow one to easily achieve their goals, and clarify personal wills and desires.




What People Are Saying


"Carole's teaching techniques enabled a greater understanding of the course content. Carole also allowed me to set my own pace and was available outwith class tuition for support and assistance. Very person centred."

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. - Alexandra K. Trenfor

"This is very much the way that Carole Haigh has taught Usui Reiki Ryoho to me, and my life has become easier and better as a result of it."

"The Reiki Share's are of real benefit to myself, they recharge my batteries' and I get to meet new and familiar like-minded people."

"My reiki mentorship with Carole continues to change my life in many positive ways."

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Our Associates

Carole Haigh is a founder member and board member for The Centre for Reiki Inner Light.

The Centre for Reiki Inner Light is a registered SCIO under Scottish charity number SC044949. As such it will be setting up its own website.

Mission Statement: The Centre for Reiki Inner Light will support and promote the traditional Japanese system and lineage of Reiki through providing quality Training and Education for Reiki Practitioners and the general public and engage Reiki Practitioners who will offer a Reiki Healing Energy therapy service upholding the standards and ethics of recognised professional bodies in an affordable way whatever people’s circumstances.

Values: Envisioning a world where the Usui System of Japanese Reiki is offered to promote self-healing and personal growth through a spiritual discipline.

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