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Did I do it right?

I often wonder at what point in life the desire to help children to fall over and fail (encouraging them to walk, ride a bike etc) changes to it is not O.K. to fail. In my counselling experience people talk about their early life, and shame and failure seem to go with...

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Being in the Moment

If you are a tennis fan then you will be aware that Rafael Nadal is regarded as the Zen Master of tennis. If not, then it is worth considering his way of Being in terms of the tennis court and his opponent. Rafa’s ability to play on all court surfaces has established...

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Listening to Your Inner Wisdom

As a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, I am often told things that other people have told my student. In the instance that Bronwen is writing about it is “you have a blocked Heart Chakra”, but it can be to do with ‘entities’ or other Energy aspects that others have learned about and are now enthusiastically working on with others.

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Ready to Make a Change?

Ready to take on something new?  Or maybe you want to take what you know deeper? Whether you want a complete change or you want to up your self-confidence in what you already know about Reiki, then seize this moment and contact Carole – then begin to do what you dream you can do…

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