Volume 5 Issue 5 – July 2023

There will be a Reiki Share from 10.00 – 11.00am on Saturday 22 July.

To book your Zoom link, contact Carole on or via a text on 07972 832774. A recording of the meditation will be available the following week.


It’s not always possible to attend a Reiki Share where Reiju is often part of the Share, so Carole provides Reiju remotely. Any Reiki person can ‘tune in’.

In Traditional Japanese Reiki, students receive Reiju empowerments every time they are with their Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. This tradition is echoed when Reiju is available at Reiki Shares. And in the same way that Reiki can be applied remotely – or ‘by ‘Distance’ – remote Reiju works really well.

Carole ‘broadcasts’ a remote Reiju empowerment every Sunday for the whole week with the intention that it can be experienced by any Reiki person.

The simplest way to experience Reiju is to sit and quietly bring yourself present, breathing down into the Hara with your hands in Gasshô, then think to yourself “I will experience Reiju Empowerment from Carole now”.

It is as simple as that.

Respecting Wildlife

One of the things I learned on the Shamanic courses I have attended is that I have to be conscious when shifting from one place to another – whether this is from one realm to another or from one environment to another.

For instance moving from my house into my garden I need to be conscious of the fact that I have moved from an inside environment into the natural world. In doing this I need to surrender to nature and not carry my ‘home’ into nature, through just being in my head thinking about work or home stuff, or talking to another person.

When being conscious and surrendering I am also conscious of a shift in me. I hear more of nature calling to me, perhaps through the whisper of the breeze through the leaves of the plants or that there are some forms of wildlife present, even in my garden; the little Dunnock warming himself on the raised bed in the winter sunshine, the call of Buzzard, the wild ducks that sometimes think they are domesticated and chat loudly in next door’s garden.

When surrendering to nature it reminds me that I am but a speck in the Universe, truly Carl Sagan’s ‘stardust’; there is beauty, wildness and mystery in nature.

This is a gentle path. It segues from ‘home’ to ‘natural world’ with gentleness. It is soft and gentle.

I am also conscious of the shift in myself when I have been absorbed in a gentle programme, perhaps about the natural world, and just as the credits begin to roll BOOM! I am segued noisily and abruptly into another world of noise and sometimes violence. I begin to think about being more mindful about switching off as soon as the credits roll – but then I miss out on being appreciative of the skills of all those involved in bringing me the quieter, calming programme. So my solution when I have the wodger is to zap it onto mute as soon as I can and then I have the best of both worlds – and gently surrender back into the world of ‘home’.


Perceiving Psychic Gifts

I doubted my psychic abilities at one time, and I used to say “I have none of the ‘clairs’ … clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience… or any of the other clairs that are around”.

However, I am older and wiser now! I now know that everyone has these gifts but we need to become aware, conscious, awake to their presence in our lives.

The more I have worked with Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes the more I am open to what my vibes tell me, and the more vibes I am getting. It seems a natural progression.

I know that I ‘receive’ many pieces for the newsletter – regular readers will know that the newsletter does not regularly hit the mail monthly, but there can be a dearth at times. Like many other writers, it is not as simple as sitting down with a blank piece of paper and all of a sudden thoughts come into my head. I can be very much involved with something else, and then I get an urge to leave it and write – then the newsletter (or any other writing)  takes shape very easily. I often know that a newsletter has been ‘downloaded’ when I am meditating, when showers of letters cascade before my eyes for several moments. No words, just letters. However, this isn’t always the case, and just thinking about the newsletter will find me tapping away quite merrily, thinking – WOW!

Of course, trusting my vibes has required practice. I often practise when the phone rings (Who’s on the other end?) or with banks of lifts (which one will come first – no cheating!) and I find my way round strange places by asking my vibes is it right or left (which for me is a strange question because I can’t tell left from right) but I get a ‘feel’ (clairsentience) for the way I should turn, with the Universe understanding my weaknesses and being kind.

When I read books about Mediums or people with good abilities to pick up ‘vibes’ there is often an introduction which tells of a reluctance to get involved with psychic abilities or that a member or members of their family insisted they shut down their psychic skills. This could often be attributed to fear. I have not felt a fear of my psychic abilities. Growing up with a fey mother who always ‘rubbished’ her skills I have always felt that this was a gift that was somewhere inside of me.

I have worked with my ‘gut’ and my ‘intuition’ for as long as I can remember, and learned long ago not to go against my ‘senses’. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right then I don’t go with it, whether it is walking down a street or someone trying to sell me something. I override these senses at my peril.

Through my reading and exploring the last few years I now know more joy because I allow more time for the sensations of all the ‘clairs’ and actively encourage myself to trust my vibes before making any decisions or acting upon anyone else’s advice.

Making the change at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown to working from home, I did wonder how I would respond to the differences in working with Zoom and the telephone. It has been an interesting and inspiring journey. I am very grateful to the Reiki people I have worked with who have helped me experiment with the use of dowsing rods or pendulums for instance and understanding that I do not have to be a physical presence with people, but these energetic practices work just as accurately virtually as with people in person.  But I am also very grateful to the clients in my therapeutic business who have been willing to ‘trust’ the energetic movement of our work together, and both of us have benefited from the trust and how the ‘vibes’ work, and the True Nature of our work is expanding.

By trusting my intuition and my responses to the world about me I can continue to improve my psychic abilities and my curiosity – sometimes the relevance of what I sense may not be immediately apparent … nor why a book falls off the bookcase and opens to a certain page (which I always read) … but being curious and asking myself questions soon brings other senses into play which help me  to make sense of it.

May you enjoy your Vibes and make good use of them.

Bath-time meditation

I have used this meditation with people in other situations but not with Reiki, so thought it is time to introduce you to the bath-time meditation.

The inspiration comes from a quotation by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who is best known for her work and writing on loss and bereavement. She suggested that there is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. Deep places of silence can be found in your room, your garden or even your bath-tub.

Some facts about water: the human body is over 50% water; well over 50% of the earth’s surface is water; water cleans and hydrates, contains nourishment and humans have always considered water to be a sacred source of life and healing, and finally when entering into water, the body is held in its embrace and no part of a submerged body is untouched.

So when immersed in your bath-tub (though you may also like to do this in the ocean or in a swimming pool or when you sit beside a pond, stream or river) close your eyes and listen to your breathing – the surreal silence of the world beneath the surface of the ocean or swimming pool…etc..

If, like me, you are a shower person, when you feel ready, tune into the music of the body of water rushing over you like a waterfall – you can imagine yourself anywhere where there is a waterfall. Allow the water to run through you as well as over you.

Samurai and ascetic Japanese Buddhists and Shintoists engage in waterfall meditations. If you are a Wim Hoff fan and like to turn your shower to cold then it is a shocking, exhilarating and memorable way of continuing your spiritual development and self-control. On the other hand, for those of us less brave, we can turn the water down to tepid. We still have that experience of coldness at our feet, we can still imagine the sounds of a waterfall torrent pounding the rocky ground of the pool and it becomes even more impactful if you can chant to the rhythm of the water.

Keep shifting your consciousness between your breathing and the water and as you breathe out release anything you no longer need into the water….release yourself completely into the water’s embrace or float in the ocean or the swimming pool.

When you feel ready to return to more solid ground, ease your body back onto the earth, and when you emerge from the water allow the water to bead and roll off your skin, perhaps soaking into the earth if you are in a natural setting, or allow it to evaporate into the air before picking up your towel and drying yourself off. Feel how the water has left you cleansed, healed and renewed.

In your journal reflect on the type of water you chose, how it reflected what you are seeking? The peace beneath the hectic surface of life; the cleansing power of the river racing through a canyon….the mood-lifting, melodic bubbling of a lively stream…. or wherever your thoughts take you. Allow yourself to embed the experience into your body as a way of ending your bath-time meditation

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