A recent blog by Bronwen Logan (Stiene) reminded me of the Buddhist statement from the Kalama Sutra which is often misquoted. This is paraphrased by me as Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it, it is spoken and rumoured by many, it is found written in books, because your teachers or elders tell you, or the traditions of many generations just because they have been handed down, but from your own observation and analysis, and if you feel it agrees with reason and is beneficial to one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

As a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, I am often told things that other people have told my student. In the instance that Bronwen is writing about it is “you have a blocked Heart Chakra”, but it can be to do with ‘entities’ or other Energy aspects that others have learned about and are now enthusiastically working on with others.

As a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, I need to be careful that what I pass on is factual, not conjecture, not my interpretation of some Energy qualia, not my own thinking that has not been proven to be true for me and which may still not be true for you.

When working with others, whatever our gifts, we must remember to be ‘beneficent’ as instructed in our code of ethics and standards and legal requirements. This means that we work within our limitations and within the constraints of the codes we abide by. Sometimes our code of practice requires us to be courageous and speak about things that others are saying, but which may be ‘maleficent’ – that is not in the client’s good. To tell someone their Heart Chakra is blocked is incorrect – whatever one has been taught. Closed or open yes, but blocked, no! As Bronwen points out, we would be dead.

Under these conditions, we need to lean into the Gokai and be Compassionate to the person who is struggling with this statement, and also Compassionate towards the person who uttered the statement. We are all only as good as our teachers, and some of our teachers are not as good as they could be; they may not have checked out what they have been taught. We can lean into the Metta Sutta at this point and can compose our own wish for them and ourselves – but for those who have not been working with me recently it may be on the lines of:

For myself: May I be blessed, when I feel tempted to judge others, with the reminder that we are all ONE and that every thought reverberates across the Universe, touching everything and everyone

For the teacher: May every path you choose lead to what is pure and good and lovely

For the client: May you be blessed so that every doubt and fear can be replaced by a deep and abiding trust in your own Inner Wisdom, your True Self

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

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