Reiki, whether we like it or not, is Shamanic. It has come out of a culture that is now regarded as Indigenous. It has been at the Heart of the Japanese way of Being, even if it has only been known as Rei-Ki for a short time. The more I delve into Japanese ways of Being, the more it emphasises the Oneness or At-One-Ness that Reiki draws us into in terms of our Spiritual Journey.

What Reiki Practitioners are doing when they engage and become committed to a Spiritual Journey is to open the Heart/Mind to the Sacred within themselves. As a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher it is not my role to encourage people on to their Spiritual Path, but to offer an environment in which the student can work with their Inner Wisdom and from which they can deepen their exploration.
We’re offered the nourishment of Mother Earth for Body, Mind and Soul. By grounding ourselves and breathing in Earth Energy we can nurture ourselves through our life cycle in the same way we plant seeds into the Earth. We can tune into the Seasons, we discover our rhythms with the Sun and the Moon. We gain from our abilities to listen and watch how Nature can lead us ‘back home’ to the basics for truly becoming our True Nature or True Self.

Nature offers us Spiritual Laws to help us take care of ourselves, our Community, our Planet, and make the place where we live better for all Sentient Beings:

  • The Law of Oneness – reminds us we are connected to everything else• The Law of Vibration – everything in the Universe vibrates and moves in circular patterns
  • The Law of Action – our actions need to be congruent with our words, feelings, thoughts, dreams and emotions for us to manifest things on Earth
  • The Law of Correspondence – we need to take responsibility for our life so that our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world
  • The Law of Cause and Effect – nothing happens by chance – every action has an equal reaction or consequence – what we sow we reap
  • The Law of Compensation – Abundance and blessings flow into our lives
  • The Law of Attraction – How we create the events, people and things that come into our lives through the Energy our words, feelings and actions give out – be careful what you wish for effect – positive Energies attract positive Energies and negative Energies attract negative Energies
  • The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – We can change negative conditions in our lives – Higher Energies will always consume and transform Lower Energies
  • The Law of Relativity – not Einstein’s law, but the series of situations each person receives in order to strengthen their Great Bright Light – the ability to stay connected to the Heart/Mind in order to solve problems or remedy a situation which is a challenge for us. The relativity is about there is always someone else who is worse off than us. We are always able to handle the problem or situation we are receiving because the answer lies within
  • The Law of Polarity – In and Yo. There is always light to balance dark and we can transform our undesirable thoughts by just focusing on the opposite and bring about positive change
  • The Law of Rhythm – everything vibrates and has a rhythm, cycles, seasons, patterns, and we need to rise above the negative aspects of any cycle. Hence, this too will pass
  • The Law of Gender – again In and Yo. Everything has a masculine (Yo) and feminine (In) principle which is the basis for all creation and we need to balance the masculine/feminine in ourselves to work well with the Universe

In Reiki we work with the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air/Wind and Space and can be in harmony with Nature, which helps us to be in harmony with our Spiritual Self. In coming into harmony with the Cosmos we can easily work with In and Yo, the basis on which aspects such as the nature of impermanence works. If we let go and release we make Space for manifesting. When we heal ourselves, we enable others to heal and so on.

“Magic” is a word that has been cast as a part of the Shadow world, along with words like Witch and Wizard. Persecution of those who offered alternatives to the received Wisdom means we need to begin to rediscover Ancestral Wisdom traditions (not just that e.g. spiders’ webs make good treatments for burns) but the Universal practices that have been abandoned can come into the Twenty-first Century and help us turn things around to lessen materialism, greed and EGO gratification.

“Magic” as I know it is when we open our Heart/Mind to the Energy of the Divine and connect with all the wonders of Nature and discover our own magic wands with which to create a more peaceful world for ourselves with less stress and more loving-kindness for others.

Usui-Sensei had the gift of making complex Buddhist principles simpler so that we could incorporate them into our daily lives. However, simpler does not mean easier. The practices are simple, they are accessible, but they need commitment. Until we commit, there is always the chance to draw back, to be ineffective, but once we commit all sorts of things become synchronous and the law of attraction leaps into being.

The Shamanic practices of Reiki are like all Indigenous people’s practices. We need to understand the role of the Sun and Moon together to better understand the concept of our Great Bright Light. We need to better understand why these aspects are incorporated, along with Earth Energy, into the Shirushi [symbols] along with the Elements and the techniques and exercises that shift our awareness and those, such as chanting, that alter our consciousness and our way of Being. We look at the rhythms of life and the ways in which we can connect with them.
Through learning about the integrity of Reiki, we move away from Karma being a punishment and shift towards thinking about meritorious Karma so our Sacred Self lives in harmony with all other Sacred Selves.

Traditional Japanese Reiki helps us realise that we invite in the Healing Energy with respect and gratitude. It is different from the idea of mechanical, ‘wand waving’ that leads to mechanical thinking and tends towards raising Healing Energy within us as a living, gracious, abundant blessing where we co-create in communion with all the Energies of the natural world.

In the last week prior to writing this blog, many people have shared their fears with me about living in dangerous times, how negatively the media portrays the world in which we live. Reporting floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons, concentrating on the miseries and destruction they bring. This is true. However, what is also true is Mother Earth is calling us all. We need to listen. We need to use our Reiki to help us remember who we are, where we are, and why we are here.

This past week I was introduced to Dadirri, the thinking of the Aboriginal nation north of Darwin, Australia. Dadirri means that inner, deep listening we do when we are quiet and still and aware. We tune into nature with the specific aim of coming to a deeper understanding of the Inner Spirit that calls us to reflect and contemplate the wonders of the Universe.

To learn more, read:

or watch, and listen to Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Bauman on YouTube:

If we listen, and listen deeply, we can share the beauty and the Healing Energy of Reiki with our community and our planet which is desperately needing it.

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