Volume 3 Issue 1 – January 2021

You may be wondering why it has been a while since you received a Reiki WITH HEART newsletter.

Many times, the articles for the newsletter are gifted by the Writing Muse. However, she is not always active, but when she is, she gives generously, and I accept all her musings with joy.

My writing, my movement of the pen, is always directed by my Writing Muse and I do not try to write if my pen stays stationary.
I do not see it as writer’s block, I just wait patiently till the ‘moving pen writes…’ and rejoice.
I hope you will find as you read the newsletters, as and when they happen, that some words have been chosen especially for you.

Einstein’s Courage

An article “There are places in the world where rules are less important than kindness” by Carlo Rovelli, discusses Einstein’s ability to be wrong, to make mistakes in calculations, to tell people they have wrongly interpreted his work, only to agree with them later when he had looked at their opinions and his.

Einstein was dyslexic, and for all of us who are not neuro-typical, the idea that someone as brilliant as Einstein can get it wrong and it is okay, is hugely reassuring.

But it is more than that. It is about the aspects of being flexible and being prepared to say “there is something in what you are saying”, revisiting your own perspectives, discovering where you have gone wrong and revisiting what you have thought.

This is not about being brilliant, a genius or intelligent. It is about having the courage to take risks, make more mistakes than other people, being prepared to change your thinking, being creative and exploring our own world in order to understand it and make it work better, and probably most of all to be able to chuck out your own ideas and discover extraordinary understanding.

As a huge admirer of Einstein, I love this whole idea, how good it is to be wrong and use this to come to a deeper understanding.
Reiki is like this. Each one of us comes to Reiki in our own time, and many people are like me and dismiss it when we first are encouraged to pursue it as a healing medium or even a Spiritual Path.

Eventually, the Universe makes it clear we have to try it. When we do, we discover it is a lifelong path towards enlightenment. It doesn’t get easier, but as we take courage to explore the many, many layers of Reiki; the hidden aspects of Okuden and then, deliciously, the mystery teachings of Shinpiden and Shihan; we get the hang of what it really means to be Captain of our Ship, Master of our own Destiny, and find the courage to step away from the teachings of others and discover our own way of using this unique, innate Energy to explore ‘my life’ in the only way we can – then we discover our own Theory of Relativity, our own unique way of moving towards the Great Bright Light and enhancing our own Great Bright Light – then we discover, as Einstein did – that even in the most extreme of conditions, our arguments and calculations cannot be disproved.

It is not being right. It is not proving we or anyone else is wrong. It is magical. It is exciting. And most of all, in a very small but significant way, we contribute more than just to our own understanding, we encourage everyone else to boldly go where no one else has been and increase their understanding.

In Troubled Times, Be Peaceful

Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell made a joint appeal after World War II. “We appeal as human beings to human beings: remember your humanity…. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise…”

Josie Toda, the second President of Soka-Gakkai, a post-war Japanese religious and Peace Movement suggested this required an exploration of the Inner Life of human beings. Only this will guide scientific technology to contribute to the Peace of the World.

The cultivation of Inner Peace by each of us is a small but significant contribution to a more peaceful ethos in society. The Youth of Soka-Gakkai International USA distribute cards with a three-part pledge for the focus of our daily meditations:

1. I will value my own life
2. I will respect all life
3. I will inspire hope in others.

Tasha Silver asks that the Divine “change me into one who knows how the heck to do this!” which really appeals to my humanity.

Things to come:
Like so many others taking their work online, I have had to learn many new skills, and have also had to take further qualifications to continue to do my work safely.

Now that I feel comfortable with Zoom, I am hoping to run Reiki Shares by Zoom later in the year – I know I don’t have to consider whether the weather will be suitable – but we are also working with restrictions and I do not see the Chaplaincy opening its doors to us in the near future, so I am planning to keep to similar patterns to those we worked with together in – er – normal times! So, I thought I would do a CPD Saturday half-day the end of February, and then Saturday One hour Reiki Shares in March, April and May. I am also having a YouTube station developed and will be posting ten-minute Reiki meditations as regularly as I can.

Also in the pipeline are a number of booklets with tips to help Reiki Practitioners make more of their Reiki, to take their Reiki to another level and to be able to integrate it into their daily lives more easily.

I will put more details out shortly. All will be by Pay from The Heart donations and details of how to do this will also be given.


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