Volume 3 Issue 2 – February 2021


Reiki Share


Carole will host a Reiki Share on Zoom on Saturday 13 March at 10.00 am to 11.00am.

To participate please email Carole on rwh2019@btinternet.com or telephone on 01577 840547 or text on 07972 832774.

You will then be sent a Zoom link, and don’t worry if you do not have a Zoom account, the link will let you download the Zoom app and then you are good to go.

The Theme for the Shares this year will be going back to basics and just being with the breath – and we will use Reiki Kokyu Hô exercises you are all familiar with, and work with how we can be more connected with awareness and the breath and help our meditation feel deeper and more restful in these difficult times.


The Light and Synchronicity


Watching a video Becoming Your Better Self by John Van Auten, Director of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, about how Edgar Cayce viewed his work and encouraged others to spread The Light, reminded me of the explorations I did about twenty years ago into Edgar Cayce’s work and in particular his ability to ‘go through the veil’ and access the Akashic Records for the people he worked with.

Much of this video was about The Light and how each of us acquires The Light at conception and how it remains latent until we work on it to grow it into something that radiates out from us – and changes our own life and those we come into contact with.

Whilst reflecting on this in my meditation readings, I was drawn to The Book of Star Light by White Eagle, and on randomly opening a page it was reiterating much of what John Van Auten was talking about.

The projection of The Light should not be irksome or tiring. It is about Right Effort in a way, and the radiation should be quiet and as a channel for The Light. White Eagle talks about humans as ‘stars’ as does Edgar Cayce, and if you realise you are a symbol for The Light, then The Light radiates from your Heart, and it calls to and stimulates The Light and Love that is within the Heart of those about whom you are thinking. It is like a magnet and calls forth The Light in those you would like to help or serve.

Not only does this synchronicity apply to Edgar Cayce’s work, and the call of White Eagle, but all the teachings of Usui-Sensei are about how we grow and radiate the Great Bright Light for the benefit of all.

A lovely example of One – be aware, two – take notice and three – take action. What will you do today that enables you to radiate – effortlessly – your Great Bright Light – to call forth the Great Bright Light in another?

This will be the theme for the Reiki CPD that is coming soon – how we can all improve the way we gather and radiate the Great Bright Light.

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