Volume 3 Issue 6 – November 2021



Saturday 20 November 2021 – 10.00am – 12 noon

Fees: Pay from the Heart Donation

Using the Rumi quote “If Light is in your Heart, you will find your way home” as its inspiration, this Continuing Professional Development double workshop will enable us to work more sacredly and deeply with our Great Bright Light. Our Great Bright Light connects us with The Source and we are One with the Light.

The second session will see how we can work with our Great Bright Light for guidance by tapping into our Internal Wisdom; how we can use our Great Bright Light for protection (as in Reiju’s Third Blessing) to help avoid the habits we might fall into which do not serve us; how we can use Our Great Bright Light to bless and cleanse our physical environment, whether this is our homes or our Reiki workplace. We can offer ourselves a good night’s rest and sleep and explore how we can share our Great Bright Light with others – whether these are people we know, people we work with in our Reiki Practice or who are in those parts of the world which are troubled. Finally how we can consciously greet others using our Inner Light.

There will be a CPD certificate and manuals to accompany these two workshops.

If you were not able to come to part one, there will be a ‘catch up’ at the beginning, and each part is designed to be a stand-alone session.



Carole will host a Reiki Share on the following date from 10.00 to 11.00 am 27 November 2021
To Participate, please email Carole on rwh2019@btinternet.com, or telephone 01577 840547 or text on 07972 832774

You will receive a Zoom link, and do not worry if you do not have a Zoom account, the link will let you download the Zoom App and then you are good to go.

The Share continues with going back to basics and revisiting meditations we haven’t worked on for ages perhaps, and seeing how they can be brought up to date with learning from all the research and aspects of Japanese Reiki that Frans Stiene has to offer.


Be a Petal in the One World Flower

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, Mother of Immortal Bliss, is better known as Amma. According to her, everything that exists is part of the Divine, or Universal Consciousness.

The charities she founded home homeless people in Kerala, India; Mother’s Kitchen in the USA provides tens of thousands of meals a year; Green Friends, which protects the environment, distributes and plants 100,000 saplings in Kerala each November.

Amma compares the world to a wonderful flower with many petals and she suggested everyone has a duty to protect the beauty and fragrance of this flower, because if only one petal is diseased it affects the whole plant.

She also suggests that real peace and unity in this One World Flower will happen when everyone purifies his or her life.

Here is one of her meditations you might like to add to your repertoire:

Imagine yourself as one petal of a sweet-smelling flower: be aware of your own beauty and your contribution to the splendours and unity of all life in that One World Flower.


Dance – A Celebration

Strictly Come Dancing has hit the dance floor and our TV screens again with huge audiences. Its joyous colour, music and sparkle have warmed Hearts throughout the Nations.

Dancing is ancient. Dance has a story to it. The ancestral stories are choreographed by the traditions, rituals, and the dancer’s own Spirit. Sometimes the dance becomes the story, and alongside the dancers are others who are singing and clapping to accompany the dancer(s). It is a communal or tribal celebration focused on a story that had been handed down from many, many generations. Strictly is no different.

For the Celebrities to bring the dance alive, they need to know the history or the story of its origins. The dancer needs to bring the story into kinaesthetic life.

Participating – whether by dancing or being in the audience – brings a community or tribal spirit and, even in modern times, connects people to their ancestral roots. Anyone who has had dance lessons as a child knows that when they attend a performance of dance, they become the dance – it is no longer a performance of one or two people on a distant stage, it is within the cells of their Body and emotionally and physically it can be felt.  Dancing in this way touches everyone by touching a deep sense of love, gratitude and appreciation in that community or tribe.

Whether dancing for joy or celebration or in a competition, the quality is dependent on the Spirit of the dancer being fully present with minimal inhibition and being able to express that joy and happiness through physical movement. In dance training, the teacher always encourages ‘focus’ on what the dance is celebrating.

In the warm up programmes to the actual Strictly competition, videos were shown of children, young people and adults strutting their version of their favourite dances. The celebration was really evident, as was the focus, especially on the faces of the tiny tots.

Part of our purpose here on Earth is to enjoy ourselves. Put on some music and dance, slow or fast, sign if you want to, tell your story, celebrate. Allow your capacity to be joyous and express yourself through your Body movements. It can be private, shared with friends (over Zoom nowadays!) Allow it to be part of your sacred ceremony before working with Reiki, because every celebration is sacred.

So, before your next Jôshin Kokyû Hô, or Hatsurei Hô session, dance – as the saying goes – as though no one is watching. Notice how your ritual deepens, how your connection with Source deepens – and subsequently, how joyous your Reiki session becomes.


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