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I am including this next invitation to join a meditation for the peoples of Ukraine as the Reiki With Heart Training School, which includes Carole, are members. Many of you have trained with the Training School and have certificates verified by the CMA.

The President of The CMA, Jayney Goddard, thought that it was an excellent idea to organise a meditation for peace as a couple of members had suggested something of this essence and this already begun to be set up. Please see the below statement that we will be sending out with our Newsletter and you are very welcome to inform anyone who is interested in joining.

Date: 9th March 2022 3.33pm

Topic: CMA Group Meditation for Peace

Join us at 3.33pm for a group meditation for peace. This wonderful idea has been requested by several CMA Members and we are only too happy to help facilitate it, given that we have a global reach, and the technical capacity to support large numbers of people together. Please invite your friends and colleagues.

This event is, of course, free of charge and is a non-denominational silent meditation, focusing on a swift and peaceful resolution to global conflict. 
The meditation is set to start at 3.33pm and will last for 33 minutes.
Why 33 minutes? 33 resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage. Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible’. Plus, it just felt ‘right’ when I came to put this event together. 
I really hope to see you there.
My love and warmest wishes,
PS – A loving request;
Please arrive early (I will open the call at 2.55pm) as we will start the meditation at 3.33pm. I will be admitting everyone onto the call, and as I meditate with closed eyes, I simply won’t see you and therefore won’t be able to admit you to the group if you arrive after that, I’m sure you understand.



The next Reiki Shares will be via Zoom on Saturday 26 March 10-11 am

The theme will be the principles of self-healing and we will include a virtual/distance healing for the Ukraine conflict

Saturday 30 April 10-11 am The theme for this will be the practice of 2 days/7days/21 days healing practices and how they deepen our understanding of the practice.

All Reiki Shares are at Shoden level (or Reiki I if you have trained in Western Reiki) as it is always good to go back to basics and to discover the levels we have not previously discovered. They are also designed to be simple enough to put into place in our everyday life.


I have written previously about Pema Chödrön’s work of “using poisons as medicine”, and it has been something I practise whenever I feel impotent with life’s circumstances.

Reading an article from poet, journalist and Transcendental Meditation teacher Barbara Ann Briggs ( on the interwoven fabric of life, I was reminded of this practice from new perspectives. These perspectives come from writers and consciousness thinkers that are not just writing about the ‘poisons’ of more recent times but back in their times.

Maharishi Mahash Yogi talked of how every thought, word or action produces an influence in the atmosphere and that every individual is powerful, but may not be aware of vibrations produced in the Universe; a loving expression to a child not only provides a loving environment for them, but a life supporting influence in the whole of the Cosmos. A cruel word to another, however quietly whispered or thought, produces harshness throughout creation.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose works I really enjoy, suggested “the reason the world lacks unity and lies broken is because man is disunited with himself”.

Mata Amritanandamaji thought that through our thoughts and actions we create turmoil and disintegration in the natural, harmonious unity of the world.

I relate to Marharishi Mahesh Yogi’s words at the moment as Russia is trying to overwhelm Ukraine. “A high degree of concentration of negative forces, without positive forces to balance them, ends in suffering and the destruction of life”.

If you are unfamiliar with the practice of Tonglen, it is simple – but, of course, not necessarily easy. It is based on the ancient Compassion practice of “taking and sending”. It is particularly relevant for those involved in what you may consider to be impossible situations.

• Begin by resting in your Heart/Mind and opening to Spaciousness
• When you breathe in, visualise and work with your Body sensations, feeling the unwholesome Energy through all the pores of your Body, such as the photographs of destruction, humans preparing to take arms for what they believe in, whatever you regard as ‘poison’
• One by one as you breathe in the poison, breathe out and radiate wholesome Energy, that may be a joyous memory of interconnection with family members or a quiet and peaceful place; still waters and majestic mountains; sunrises, sunsets and woodland scenes. Whatever relieves the claustrophobia of the darkness and heaviness and replaces it with Light and brightness
You can do Tonglen in rounds, as with Metta; starting with yourself and then with a loved ones or friends, a neutral aspect or something/someone you dislike – the dislike, as in Metta, is not important. What is important is reaching out to the humanity of the person creating the poison, and trying to be with them Heart to Heart, with Compassion for their needs, their seeking to find something in themselves and their aggression.

Hopefully, however you practise Tonglen, you will find your Compassion and Loving-kindness expand, and come to realise that things are not as ‘solid’ as you think, and that as White Eagle states in The Book of Star Light “it is the simple love, the little candle flame, the truest guide on your Path and which can be used by the Shining Brotherhood in the World of Light to help bring healing to all Nations.”


When Rubius Hagrid tells Harry Potter “you are a wizard”, Harry finds it difficult to comprehend. “Ever made strange things happen when you are upset or angry”?

A new book by Uri Geller (The Psi Force in all of us) explores the science behind the apparent illusions which he calls our “hidden powers”.

Scientists use the word “coincidence” a lot. During all the tests that Uri Geller has done for scientists that are so accurate, the scientists are truly impressed but describe them as “amazing coincidences”.

He feels that scientists, like us, do not question the unusual incidents that take place in our lives, unless they have negative repercussions. Even then they may not discuss them.

“A funny thing happened to me the other day.. ..” These are the funny things that happened to Harry Potter before he knew he was a sorcerer. They do not have explanations because, like Harry, we dismiss them for whatever reason.

When thinking of someone and the phone rings we can respond “That’s funny, I was just thinking about you…” Or you are thinking of someone you have not seen for ages and you bump into them in the town centre. “I must be psychic!” you joke.

On a four-day training course on The Intention Experiment with Lynn McTaggart many years ago, one of the speakers I have been “impressed by” – for all sorts of different reasons – was Edgar Mitchell. Dr Mitchell (1930 – 2016) was the Lunar module pilot of Apollo 14 and the sixth American to walk on the moon. I was interested in him because here in front of me was someone who really had “walked on the moon” and I have many reasons to doubt this, which are irrelevant here. And at this stage, I have to say, I have no doubt that scientists/astronauts have been ‘to’ the moon, not unlike going to the International Space Station. Now as a scientist myself I found I was conducting my own experiment about a hypothesis that just maybe it is true, man has walked on the moon.

Dr Mitchell followed on from a day spent with F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater who taught me about Psi Energy and “remote viewing”. He looked at the ‘coincidences’ in life that led him to develop army counter-intelligence operations through the Stargate programme. He was an extraordinary teacher of an extraordinary skill, with extraordinary results I had to believe because they were real experiences for me – and the skills learned that day in terms of remote viewing I still use today in my practice as a Reiki Practitioner, working virtually most of the time now.

The next day I rolled up at Dr Mitchell’s talk on walking on the moon full of open-mindedness instead of my usual closed mind about these things.

He paced back and forth on the stage, never engaging with his audience, staring at the floor. In a monotone voice he described what it was like leaving the module and walking on the moon. Totally unconvinced, I became quite despondent about this session and about him!

Then he talked about returning to Earth and the “funny thing” that happened shortly after returning to the command module and heading home. This next part of his talk lit me up like an electric light bulb.

Dr Mitchell was looking out of the window at this blue planet we call ‘home’ when he had an experience that led to him giving up his career as an astronaut. On that journey home he tried transmitting telepathic messages to his friends on Earth, and the results led to him returning home and setting up the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) which takes the scientific rigour of what he learned in exploring outer space so we can better understand the mysteries of our Inner Space; our undeniable sense of interconnection and Oneness. He was convinced by his ‘funny thing that happened to me on the way home from the moon’ to explore the uncharted territory of the human mind. (Interestingly, Dr Mitchell was the longest surviving member of the Apollo 14 crew and died at 85 on the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing.)

I frequently explore the research IONS is engaged in around the individual and collective transformation that takes place through research into consciousness. Dr Mitchell believed psychic experiences can benefit everyone, if we can but stop dismissing them as ‘a funny thing’ or ‘an amazing coincidence’ and we should be developing our skills just as we do our hands and fingers. All of us possess the ability to be a sorcerer if only we pay attention to the hidden powers we have. Begin now, begin to explore these ‘funny things’ and what a gift you will give to your intuition and gut feelings. And if you are wondering if this has anything to do with Reiki, remember, EVERYTHING, like all 10,000 things, is Reiki. It is the Universal Life Force.

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