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Working with the Gokai – Fear and Worry

Karen Kingston in her Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui book says there are no wrong choices, in the clutter clearing or in the world of life and love. It is a skill that can be developed. It is another ‘muscle’ to be built. The more you practise the better you become.

Worry is about regretting the choice later, but even if you do regret it later you can listen to your Inner Wisdom and learn why your Higher Self helped you make the decision and why it was a ‘best choice’ at that time.

What is really important in making choices is not the choice itself, but the reasoning you applied to make the choice.

Any choice made from fear is disempowering. Working with the Gokai strengthens the learning that leads to empowering choices.

Another of Kingston’s tips is to have a Dilemma Box for anything for which you cannot make a decision. Put the thought on paper, put it in the Dilemma Box and put it away somewhere deep and dark. Put a note in your diary to check on it at an appropriate future time. Before you open it, see if you can remember what it contains; chances are you will have forgotten (which helps to contribute to the choice you will make as  it is obviously not that important). Life has gone on without the choice being made, Open the box and seriously review your dilemma(s), bearing in mind that you haven’t thought about it since stashing it away – if you have thought about it you would have done something before now.

Keeping the Battery topped up

Frans Stiene suggests Reiki is like a car battery. If we use it then the battery can run down – especially if it is unable to recharge as it is used.

I found this a useful metaphor to explain to others asking “If I have Reiki as a birthright why do I need to train in Reiki?”

When we become aware we have Reiki we need to use it, and at the same time recharge it. Doing hands-on healing depletes the pot so we need to call on (say) Jôshin Kokyû Hô to recharge. If we are angry, worried or fearful, we drain the pot and again need to recharge with Compassion and Loving-Kindness. These are obvious aspects of physical health.

This also explains why an individual can feel wonderful after a Reiki session. It may last the rest of the day, or even for two or three days. But then the memory pales. If I offer you a piece of chocolate and 15 minutes later ask you to recall what it tasted like, you could tell me. If I ask you a day or two days later, you can still tell me. But six weeks later? Come on, Carole, a lot of chocolate has been consumed since then!

Our emotional health also needs constant recharging.

The aspect of recharging our battery can be applied to our emotional health too.

When sitting in meditation, we experience emotions arising. This drags us away from the breath and being present as we attach a story to that emotion, seeking to find an explanation for feeling that emotion. However, our early experiences of Reiki help us to understand that all we need to do with it is to feel it and be aware of whether it is a pleasant or an unpleasant feeling. Why? Because this feeling cannot last forever, and if we allow it to be present and be felt it will pass.

As we go deeper into our exploration of Reiki, we learn to follow the breath as we breathe into the emotions and discover what it feels like, where is it held in the Body? Does it have a physical sensation? How does it change as we continue to breathe into it? Discovering that feelings change and even a shift in the smallest way, gives hope that it will eventually feel better.

A counselling suggestion when someone is stuck is “how would you help a friend who felt like this?” This often elicits an empathic response. Much more so than they have so far offered themselves. The breath can give us the pause we need to dip back into all our battery recharging resources. We have choice. The Gokai (Compassion for myself and others and offering myself Metta and Loving-Kindness). The Eight-fold Path of Right Thoughts, Right Effort, Right Contemplation, etc. Any of the exercises from Jôshin Kokyû Hô to San Mitsu Hô. If we have Shihan we can sit in Reiju, remembering the Blessings of Faith and Wisdom.

If you do not think you need your battery re-charging, just make a note of when your Inner Voice tells you off, offers you words like ‘stupid’. Then see how you would feel if your friends, family etc spoke to you in this way.

Another re-charging aspect then is Metta Sutra.

Think about yourself – May you be healthy, may you be safe, may your heart be peaceful

Think about someone who would offer you Compassion, empathy at this time – May you be healthy, may you be safe, may your heart be peaceful

When feeling disgruntled, maybe this will help you recharge your battery and help you to feel gruntled. (If that brings a smile to your face then it is just another aspect of Reiki at work as it helps us to be creative as our battery is re-charging).

As they are telling you in many adverts nowadays – Think Smart – Think Electric; Plug in and go places. Like an electric car, you need a re-charge station. Somewhere or some way of plugging into Universal Life Force Energy and refilling one or more of those ‘cups’ in the original Reiki Kanji. Then more of us can honour the work of Louise Hay and say “I can do…..” because I have a full battery


As readers will know, I have suggested the book 365 Meditations for Busy People by Laura Grey. I use this as an everyday meditation aid and I thought this particular meditation was beautiful and thought I would share it with you.

While meditating, extend your arms and let Reiki flow from your hands. Imagine then that you can suspend this planet Earth and it rotates over your hands.

Send Reiki from your right hand to your left hand. Imagine the healing energy going right through and completely surrounding the Earth.

As you do this, think of all those who are involved in turmoil and suffering and with all your heart picture yourself emanating healing energy to the Earth suspended in space, rotating.

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