Volume 4 Issue 13

The final Reiki Share this year is on 19 November from 10.00 – 11.00am. We are revisiting meditations that Share members have requested.

Reiki Shares will begin again in February 2023 with a new themed series.

To book your Zoom link contact Carole on rwh2019@btinternet.com. A recording of the meditation will be available the following week.

Last week Carole had the good fortune of being contacted by a blast from the Past. Tripuri at the Reiki Association (of which Carole was a member before transferring to Shibumi) had received a request from a person in Dundee for a practitioner who is working face-to-face and would be willing to train her in Shoden.

Since the Pandemic Carole does not have her finger on the pulse of who is able to practice face-to-face in Dundee and would welcome you letting her know if you are practising and training in Dundee. Carole will then pass on your details to the person concerned and allow them to initiate contact with you. Just email her at rwh2019@btinternet.com.

Thank you.

Technological addiction

Whilst not what some people would regard as a Reiki topic, some research I have been reading may be relevant for us as Practitioners and also may be pertinent to everyone who has a smart phone and/or computer.

All of us are aware of ‘walking zombies’ – people so engaged in their phone screens as they walk along the street, they fail to notice anything in their path, because they are totally oblivious of everything except their screen. Whilst some cities and towns are moving lamp-posts (because of legal actions taken out after people have injured themselves in their zombie mode), electric vehicles are now a big threat to walking zombies because they are silent, and a new electric driverless tram project has had to be stopped since a woman was injured walking in front of it whilst engaged in her phone screen.

Digital Detox is becoming a new treatment for things like insomnia, and research is showing that there is a growing number of people who are electrosensitive and find electronic media painful. Screens can be addictive and some electronic games are designed to be addictive. One strand of research is looking at the way advertising is targeted at people through individualised messages (which was used both in the Trump election and in the Brexit referendum).

As the future is likely to be increasingly hemming us in through more and more persuasive computer intelligence, there is another strand of thinking which is about getting people to explore and better understand the deeper intelligence within themselves including:

  • The human capacity for cultivating Compassion
  • Imaginary empathy
  • Contemplative thinking
  • Archetypal ideas like the Hero/Heroine’s Journey
  • Prayer

And other activities that have a Spiritual effect.

Since the 14th Century, thinkers through to more modern thinkers like Francis Bacon (binary code led to the idea of computers); Faraday (of whom you learned in Okuden), Hertz and Maxwell have been exploring electromagnetic fields and forces, and today’s thinkers are trying to work out what the genie is that seems to have escaped from the confinement of the lamp and is now causing disenchantment.

The call now is for us all to explore the levels of our Inner Wisdom and our deeper Contemplative abilities to guide us back to freedom from electronic addiction. What better place to start than with the Five Elements of Reiki?

  • The Gokai
  • Kokyû exercises
  • Palm Healing
  • Shirushi (Symbols), Jumon (Mantras) and Kotodama
  • Reiju

All will guide us into deeper contemplation and help us reconnect with all the Wisdom of the Natural World.

Rewriting Computer Algorithms and its affect on Complementary Medicine

For a while, both Google and Wikipedia have been rewriting the algorithms to change the ‘weighting criteria’ and redetermine where information appears in search results. The main target of this rewrite is to ensure conventional medicine sites come on the first few pages. It is becoming very hard to find complementary health information and much has been demoted to page 52 and later. The view of complementary and integrated health experts is that water always seeks out other paths when its usual channels are blocked, so people will switch to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

When you wish to do some exploring of the worldwide web for Reiki related articles, it will be helpful to know the websites that serve you best, or be prepared to wade through the conventional medicine sites to get to where you wish to explore. There are some very good sites that discuss all the latest research around the new equipment and discoveries being made substantiating the anecdotal aspects of Energy healing which includes Reiki along with acupuncture, homeopathy and gem essences, reflexology, craniosacral therapies and other electromagnetic or ‘hands on/off’ healing energies. Use the Gokai around patience, Loving-Kindness and Compassion for yourself to find what you are looking for. Also you can remember that your training with Carole is verified by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the newsletter always considers latest research in complementary therapies of all kinds, plus other articles that are useful for Practitioners in the energy field.

Impacting the Biofield

Related to the previous article on the demotion of Healing Energy websites, here are some interesting views of what science is finding and what it is struggling to find funding for so as to explore in greater detail.

  • Biofield therapies are defined as therapies using “a massless field, not necessarily a magnetic field, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body”
  • Therapeutic Touch – where practitioners place their hands on or near their patient’s body whilst holding an intention of healing – which has been clinically proven to mitigate pain and increases a wound’s ability to heal
  • Healing Touch reduces anxiety and length of stay in hospital after surgery
  • Reiki has shown potential in managing chronic health conditions and improving post-operative recovery
  • Many more traditional modalities, such as chiropractic, are now developing methods of using healing energy with physical adjustments, or transitioning into purely energy techniques e.g. when patients are too fragile to adjust physically, too old or infirm, have a fear of being touched through being raped or other abusive behaviours
  • In most, if not all, cases, it is about understanding the root cause of a person’s symptoms and pain – which is where mainstream medicine struggles and which for some become a diagnosis of “it is all in the mind”. Dr Hector Garcia, an holistic chiropractor who also regards himself as a medical-intuitive, suggests humans are creatures of light and information. If the body is asked what is going on in its field, the body will give the information necessary to harmonise and fix it, and just set the intention to allow the body’s energy field to guide you.
  • It is not yet understood how ‘energy’ carries information in the body, nor is it understood how energy carries ‘intent’. It does seem healing energy goes beyond the understanding about conventional energy. Scientists in the Institute for Frontier Science founded by Dr Beverly Rubik in 1996 are developing a detector for Field Dynamics or Emotion as a new field of Physics. Rubik suggests “there is something that people exude around the body that is related to their emotional state. It is different when they have positive affects (joy and love) to when they have negative affects (disgust, fear, anger)”. Research so far shows the needle on the detector is constantly shifting, because people are constantly changing their thoughts and hence their emotions
  • China is thought to have more interest in exploring this because of their history of acupuncture and energetic herbs

Time for Wellness

I often hear “I don’t have enough time to meditate” etc. Yet as Reiki Practitioners our wellness is our responsibility and cannot be placed in other people’s hands. There may be other therapists and clinicians that we incorporate into our pursuit of wellness, but the real key to healing is to open ourselves to the highest realities of our physical, mental and Spiritual selves so our own healing Energy flows unimpeded.

Solitude is a necessary  part of this – not only for meditative purposes – but to be able to take refuge in a Space that is peaceful and beautiful and tranquil.

Listening to music through headphones has a better ability to tune out to the world and tune into your internal self. Or it may be the need to reflect, or to find calming activities, walking in Nature; whatever it needs to balance and ground yourself.

It may be you have to give yourself permission to relax in order to discover your own needs of Body, Mind and Spirit. As you engage more and more each day, each week in self-care and self-healing, you will become speedier at deciding what you need to replenish your energy on a daily basis allowing you to find your perfect health and awareness.

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