Volume 4 – Issue 14

The final Reiki Share this month is on 19 November from 10.00-11.00 am. We are revisiting a new version of the Lake Meditation as Share Members found it less easy to ‘enter’ the meditation than the mountain meditation. Carole has adapted it and has combined another meditation, working with a waterfall, to ease us into the lake.

To book your Zoom link contact Carole on rwh2019@btinternetcom. A recording of the meditation will be available the following week and available until mid-December.

Recordings of the Reiki Share meditations have proved popular, so will continue.

Reiki shares will begin again in February 2023 with a new themed series.



As a lover of the cartoon strip Peanuts, I often feel Charles Schultz’s work is as timeless today as it was when he drew these Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoons so many years ago. My desk calendar helps me start each day with a giggle, and somehow that helps put me in a place where my world is not all doom and gloom around the pandemic, politics, war etc.

We need to BE in the world but not of the world as the saying goes. Politicians will be politicians, and ‘news’ papers will go on being ‘news’ papers – it is unlikely they will change.

“News” now seems to dwell on what is wrong, yet I look out of my window and see the changing light on the Ochils, the daily changing colours of the leaves, and the clouds moving across the sky – all of which lift my heart.

Reiki allows us to be mindful of another approach to the world, THIS is what we believe in and THIS is what we stand for, because we have the tools to be still in a whirling world. Every breath we take in Jôshin Kokyû Hô allows us to be honest with ourselves and to be mindful of the Eight-Fold Path where we can have Right Thoughts and Intent, leading to Right Action and Right Effort.

We can be happy being outside the mainstream in these difficult times – because for us there is a huge potential – we have learned that like ‘stars, mist and candle flames, mirages, dewdrops and water bubbles, like dreams, lightning and clouds’ we can view all existence – because all things are in constant change.

We are not scared, we have Inner Peace, solutions in our own life appear, and, hopefully, day by day we – like so many others in the world of Universal Life Force Energy – we are becoming better people and our Internal world helps us better manage the Outer world.


I have worked with two guiding ways of life for many years now. Both blend well together – not my usual Buddhism with Native American Medicine – but the Triskele and Lunar schedules.

The Triskele gives me an overview of the year. Four months the Virgin, thinking out my life in the ‘new’ months of the year; four months the Mother, growing my projects, my learning, and now at this time of the year, the Crone, or if that word doesn’t resonate with you, the Grandmother.

During this Crone/Grandmother period I review my year. What has been accomplished, what have I learned, how have I integrated the learning into my life, what can I ‘put to bed’ as finished so I can, like the grizzly bear that is my Spirit Keeper, hibernate through the colder months.

Then there is the lunar schedule, similar, but I apply it to the 28 days of each moon, rather than break the year into quarters.

The new moon and first quarter of the month I pay attention to my ideas, preparing to bring new work and new projects into being. The waxing half-moon, making sure everything is progressing well, on course for completion at full moon.

Then I enter the waning moon, winding up my projects, fulfilling my assignments through to the waning half-moon and then working towards a period of rest at the dark of the moon.

Both these aspects concentrate on helping me be aware of each new breath, new beginnings, and then that other part of life I need to practise for – the end of a breath, the end of my days, the end of relationships, and of course that other end – the end of life. BUT – and for me this is a big B U T – I will have learned that each end brings an embracing of new beginnings which I approach with curiosity. I am using these schedules to prepare me to enter what Wayne Dyer so richly described as my next great adventure.


As I grow older and more experienced in Reiki, I am more convinced that I came into this world with a blueprint of my purpose in this incarnation.

Recent experiences on CPPD (continuing professional and personal development) courses have given me a banquet of food for thought. It has not been an easy ride and it is not yet over. There is still more contemplation and reflection to be done.

As a child I was not a girlie girl. I disliked dresses and was never happier than when climbing trees or collecting car number plates with the group of boys I played with. I also built dens, and spent a lot of my childhood conversing with invisible friends. I had a specific tree I really loved to climb. An old apple tree in the garden of my home. It was dense and I was hidden from the world. I always felt warm, and as I look back on my experiences in that tree, I felt it was alive and held me because it knew something I could not quite remember.

My dens also had that warm feeling – the invisible friends came there, and my conversations were definitely other-worldly – nothing to do with my childhood life or experiences. It feels now, as I look back and recall these conversations, more about who I really was, about phenomena only I and they could see, and if I tried to talk to my mother about it, she would ask me not to be so silly. It was, for her, pretend play, a vivid imagination.

My CPPD courses have been giving these concepts of remembering who I really am a context. Of what Plato called ‘anamnesis’ – remembering what I knew before birth. Children, it seems, have not lost touch with their Original Oneness, delighting in standing in their cots pointing to things grown-ups cannot see, and talking to their guides who help them pass from their past reality into their present reality. Then of course, we grow up, life becomes real, forgetting sets in, and we need to spend the rest of our lives trying to remember what we decided to do while we are in this incarnation.

The meditations and explorations we are offered in Reiki are now really meaningful in terms of understanding who my Inner Self is, and how it sits in comparison to my Outer Self and helping me to answer not only who am I. But these exercises are also helping me to find my Soulful Self and why I came here and what I am here to accomplish.

It is a rich yet painful process, but one I am strangely enough enjoying exploring.

If you are also beginning this journey, remember the words of Reiju – have faith – pioneer and step into the unknown with courage. It is worth it.

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